Dough dividing and rounding machine, König, Mini Rex Multi AB,

Dough dividing and rounding machine, make König,
Type Mini Rex Multi AB,
1-, 2- or 3-row operation possible total weight range approx. 11.5-330g, depending on the dough;
Roller feed hopper for a maximum of 15 kg dough capacity, with light grid protection against intervention Hourly output fixed at 20 strokes/min., ie 3,600 pieces with 3-row operation or 2,400 pieces with 2-row operation or 1,200 pieces with 1-row operation
Control unit with microcontroller and touch panel with 3-digit digital display with the following control options:
speed of action
amount of flour
differential pressure
casting time
Dough weight manually adjustable
Grinding eccentricity manually adjustable
Quick access button for all machine parameters With hour meter Smooth, hygienic stainless steel panels
Outfeed belt made of plastic, can be folded up – with built-on dough removal roller, stainless steel base frame with wheels
Rated power: 0.75kW (3 x 400V + N + PE / 50Hz)
drum bars
1 row SKI 44, approx. 100-250 g, depending on the dough
2-row AKG67, approx. 55-108 g, depending on the dough
good condition - see photo 9794

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Mini Rex Multi AB



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dough divider

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